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Dear members,

You will recall that I recently decided to review the purpose and functioning of this group. Following on from some discussion with a few of you I have decided to proceed with the idea of making this group broadly monochrome only. This will be more in keeping with the name of the group and will hopefully make the rules for image submission a lot easier to understand.

You will see that I have archived all the old folders and created a number of new ones with which to go forward. The new folders/galleries are colour based. The idea being to accept only images that are composed of shades of a single colour group like red, or green. There is also a Greyscale gallery for colourless images made up of pure white/black/greys. This document in my illustrates the sorts of artwork I hope to see in the various galleries: Link

I have added a description to the top of each gallery so that you can check whether your image fits or not. Open up one of the gallery  pages to see this.

I will just add that images with small amounts of an adjacent colour will be allowed in any of the colour galleries. So, for example, if your image is basically blue in colour but a few details look a bit more of a greenish blue then that would be acceptable, providing the image appears to be very much a blue one overall. I would ask you not to submit images with too much of that second colour, though! It will up to the discretion of the admin whether an image is suitable or not so please do not be offended if occasionally your work is declined on the grounds of unsuitable colouring. If you stick to the general idea of "monochrome work" you will be fine.

The other point I would like to make is that you may find it difficult to decide what colour an image is if it's an in-between colour like yellowy green or a purple-ish red for instance. Just use your best judgement when submitting. In the case of yellows and browns (which fall together in the yellow spectrum) I have made two folders - one for yellow and one for brown. Pick whichever you feel is the best fit. If I disagree with your choice I will just move it.

As I would like this group to be as easy as possible for everyone to use I'm not going to be overly picky but I WILL decline works that are clearly not monochrome (with unrelated colours). As for artwork that has many different colours they won't stand a chance so don't even bother trying with those! ;)

As before there are a few general rules about quality, watermarks, manipulations and filters. I have updated all the rules on the group front page with all that info and more. If you have any questions please check there first.

So... please go forth and start populating our new galleries with all your lovely monochrome works! You'll need to submit to the relevant folder and you are allowed two images per day as usual (three per day for Contributors).

If you have any questions please ask, and if this new scheme doesn't work I may make further changes. I hope you like the new style group and let's see how it goes!

Chris :heart:
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~ Monochrome Fractal Art in all shades and colours ~

~~ Group's Concept ~~

Submission limits
:bulletblack: Members may submit up to two images per day. These require approval before appearing in our gallery.
:bulletblack: Contributors may submit three images per day. These are automatically accepted but will be checked at some point. Submissions may be moved or deleted if they do not meet the rules.

Submission – rules on colour
1. Fractal art that is in monotone or monochrome (any colour-base like blue or brown together with black-white-greys) is the main purpose of this group. Bright colours are allowed providing your image is one basic colour overall. We also have a gallery for Greyscale images. Please choose the most appropriate colour gallery for your work. This document illustrates the type of images expected in each gallery: Link.
2. Some allowance will be made regarding images with small amounts of closely related colours e.g. browns + a little yellow, blues + a little greenish blue. These will generally qualify as monochrome if the overall impression is of one colour base.
3. Images that do not follow these simple guidelines and those containing many different colours will be declined regardless of how beautiful the image is.
This group is primarily about single colour images, your multi-colour masterpiece will happily be accommodated on a dozen other fractal art groups. Please help us keep “on topic” by keeping the number of colours to a minimum.

Submission – Manipulations and Filters
1. Fractal manipulations must be mainly fractal in content with only a very small amount of anything else incorporated into it.
Subtle backgrounds such as a sky & clouds photo or the careful use of an imported texture that is not too obvious will usually be accepted.
Other objects, people, animals, plants or large areas of non-fractal imagery, however, will generally be declined. This includes MB3D Height maps that are more image than fractal.
2. Manipulations of several fractals are fine if these are all your own work.
If not then please credit the original source or fractal artist in your comments - be sure you have their permission to use their work!
3. Non-fractal imagery must NOT be taken from "somewhere on the internet" due to likely copyright violations. This includes images from Google Images. Please include credits to external imagery in your artist comments.
4. An image taken and put through an art filter to make it look fractal-like is not fractal art and will be declined e.g. Fractilius plugin for Photoshop or Google's Deep Dream online image filter.
5. We discourage fractals that are cut out in order to make a particular shape. True fractally generated forms are preferred.

Submission – General guidelines for all images
1. You must be a member in order to submit art and may only submit your own work.
2. We accept Raw Fractals, Fractal Manipulations and Fractal Wallpapers.
3. All images must be created and rendered with fractal art software.
4. Please do NOT submit images of similar content in quick succession. We wish to keep good variety in the gallery folders.
5. Fractal art must be good quality and not too big or too small. Work must be rendered to a reasonable standard – do not submit work that is grainy, jagged, blurry or indistinct.
6. No ugly watermarks! If the DA watermark is a "must" then it should not obscure essential parts of the work.
7. Some evidence of basic skill is required, not just the unaltered use of sample parameters to be found in fractal programs.
8. Animations, Tutorials and Resources are not accepted in this group at this time.
9. We do not accept work made with general L-system generators such as Structure Synth.

Declined submissions
Acceptance is not guaranteed. Please do not be offended if your image is declined, it is unlikely to be because it has no artistic merit. We suggest you re-read the rules above and keep trying with more suitable monochrome images.
If, after reading the possible reasons below, you still do not understand why your image was not accepted then use the comments area below your submission to request a reason. You can find all your group submissions in your Correspondence area.

Reasons why your work may have been declined.
:bulletblack: The number one reason for declining is inappropriate colouring; the work is not monochrome or it simply has too many colours!
You need to submit works that only have shades of a single colour like Green. Very small amounts of a closely related neighbouring colour may be accepted at the discretion of the admin.
:bulletblack: Imported imagery that overwhelms the fractal art, scenes with people or animals.
:bulletblack: The watermark is too obtrusive and spoils the appearance of the work.
:bulletblack: Poor quality - artefacts spoiling the appearance, bad rendering, image is blurry.
:bulletblack: Too elementary, i.e. could be an unaltered basic parameter file that comes with the fractal program.
:bulletblack: Not your own work or too similar to someone else's work where you have used their parameters. Originality is the key to success.
:bulletblack: The work contains elements/objects/artwork that are uncredited and could be copyright-restricted. This includes material from "Google Images". Please update your image with the status of this material in your artist comments and re-submit if you have permission to use such imagery.
:bulletblack: Not a true, generated fractal; image has been processed through a filter or online generator.
:bulletblack: Submission is an animation, tutorial or resource pack. We don't accept these at present.

We as a group do not in any way, shape or form, support any illegal activities on the internet. Further, we operate a zero tolerance policy towards disruptive and disrespectful behaviour from anyone in the group, and anyone found wanting in this area will immediately be removed and blocked by the Administration.

If you are not sure about any of the above, please note the group with your questions and concerns.

Our Sister Site for UF enthusiasts.

Random from Favourites

There are times when the Admins of this group would like to include in the group's galleries works from people who may have left dA, seldom visit dA, or who have sadly passed away yet their beautiful works have still been left in their old galleries.

There are also occasions when we see a beautiful work of art where the vibrancy of colours extend beyond those we normally accept in the main multi-chrome folder. Some of those may also be included in this folder.

This is an Administrator's prerogative only and not open to members.

If a member sees something that comes under these categories and would like to suggest it for this folder, please send a note to the group telling us about it. Thank you :)


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Thanks Chris for the request as a contributor - I want to try it :-)
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Great! Welcome to Contributors! :hug:

I forgot to mention that you can submit up to 3 images per day as a contributor, so that's another benefit. :)
poca2hontas Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you kindly for your recent request :)
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