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Where can we have vibrancy in colours?

:bulletblack: In Monochrome fractal art, just the use of one colour base, with a hue change of +/-20, and the full extent of changes in brightness, contrast and even saturation/luminance can take us from muted colours through to vibrant colours.  So long as these are all within a monochrome base, these are acceptable.

  Spires by CO99A5    Mentalic Nostalgia by Clepsidras

:bulletblack:  In Bi-chrome fractal art, vibrancy is not an issue, provided the main fractal is using just one colour-base possibly with up to +/- 20 in hue, with just a small area or object in a different, possibly vibrant colour as an accent to attract the eye.

Fallen Angel by eReSaW    favorite combination of colors 2-UF by sonafoitova

:bulletblack:  In Multi-chrome fractal art, however, we are definitely only looking for subtlety in tones - nothing highly vibrant (bright).  Stick to earth tones or pastels, and these will be ok.  Anything in this category that is too bright will either be declined or put into our Favourites folder, as including them in the main gallery would make little difference between this group and any other general fractal group.  The examples below are as vibrant as we would want to go, containing lovely subtle tones and shades.

Agaricolous Gigantus by eccoarts  Galaxy Pearl - embossed version by sleeplessmonk


This is an example of one, containing blues, greens and reds, that is too vibrant for the Multi-chrome folder

Did you think I wouldn't find you? by AnnaKirsten

Please Note:  If we consider a deviation to be too vibrant for the multi-chrome folders, we may put them into our Favourites folder instead.  This will be at the discretion of the Admins of the group.

A Suggested Method To Find Your Gradient

A way to explore the kind of gradients you can get to make monotone or monochrome colouring is to open up a new page in Photoshop (or other editing program), flood fill it with a single colour, then using the Hue & Saturation tool make bands (via selection up and down the image) and play with the saturation slider, the brightness/darkness slider, and even the hue slider (only a tiny bit up to +/- 20% with that one), and you have the basis for the kind of gradients to be found in these categories.  Monotone (as you will see in the description at the link) is all one colour with only lighter or darker shades, whereas monochrome encompasses a fuller spectrum.  In just about all cases the spectrum can include black and white at either end of the brightness scale (if desired).

Some actual examples complete with fractals made from the gradients produced will be submitted by me soon.  Meanwhile, there are some tutorials also available in our Resources gallery, which you can try out.


Because we are not dealing with pure base colours, it is often difficult to categorise whether a fractal work is mono, bi or multi-chrome in nature.  We do our best to place works in the appropriate folders, and may sometimes move them again if it becomes apparent a mistake was initially made.  Viewing them with various different screens can also cause confusion in this area, so please bear with us - and let us know if you think your work has been placed in the wrong category! :heart:

For a description of Monotone versus Monochrome see HERE!

:new:  Please Note:  We no longer have a resources folder in this group, as it became clear that these are best represented in groups dedicated to the particular fractal programs referred to.

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Group's Concept, & Description of Monochrome -v-Monotone

Submission Limits

Members - up to two submission per day.
Contributors - up to three submissions per day.

:new: Please Note: We no longer have a resources folder in this group, as it became clear that these are best represented in groups dedicated to the particular fractal programs referred to.

:bulletgreen: You must be a member in order to submit art.
:bulletgreen: You may only submit your own work.
:bulletgreen: Please do NOT submit images of similar content in quick succession. We wish to keep good variety in the gallery folders.
:bulletgreen: Only fractal art that is in monotone, monochrome (any colour-base) bi-coloured (simple base with one different coloured accent) or with several tones subtly blended will be considered.
:bulletgreen: Use of bright colours in multi-chrome work is to be kept to a minimum, i.e. if the gradient based on a particular colour such as red or yellow graduates to a much brighter (more vibrant) hue, and the work contains more than three colours (multi-chrome), the submission may be declined. We will sometimes put such works into our Favourites folder instead..
:bulletgreen: Simplicity/minimalism, particularly in colour spectrum is preferred.
:bulletgreen: Fractal art must be good quality and not too big or too small (advise approx. 800px to 1000px wide, 750px height.) Minimum length on any side to be not less than 500px.
:bulletgreen: No ugly watermarks! If the dA watermark is a "must" then it should not obscure essential parts of the work. If it does it will be declined automatically.
:bulletgreen: Good composition is important. Please pay attention to this and try to avoid distracting elements that lead the eye out of the picture.
:bulletgreen: Some evidence of basic skill is required, not just the unaltered use of sample parameters to be found in fractal programs.

Fractal Manipulations
:bulletgreen: Fractal manipulations are considered, but must be mainly fractal in content with only a very small amount of anything else incorporated into it. An image taken and simply put through a filter in an editor to make it look fractal-like is not acceptable.
:bulletgreen: The work being submitted must be in the dA Fractal Manipulations gallery.
:bulletgreen: We discourage fractals that are cut out in order to make a particular shape, but prefer the fractal form itself to become part of the new shape.
:bulletgreen: Any drawing incorporated into the fractal needs to be subtle and use a shape naturally produced by the fractal, although some use of a deform tool to define that shape further will be considered for acceptance.
:bulletgreen: Objects/elements must NOT be taken from "somewhere on the internet" due to likely copyright violations. This includes images from Google Images. (Remember, all our own creations can be found on Google images too!!!)
:bulletgreen: Objects/elements should be well blended and suit the overall picture.

:bulletgreen: The colourings of animations should follow the rules as for any of the other folders, i.e. monochrome, bi-chrome, or multi-chrome with subtle colours.
:bulletgreen: They should be quick to load and smooth running - no jerks and no artefacts that spoil them.

Possible reasons for decline
N.B. Reasons for decline only given on request with a proper link to the original submission page you used.
:bulletred: Poor composition with distracting elements.
:bulletred: Image is blurry with nothing for the eye to focus on.
:bulletred: Poor quality - artefacts etc. spoiling the appearance; this is normally due to bad methods of resizing, including relying on the dA resizing software in some cases. It is always best to resize your display image in an editing program before uploading and the resolution should be 72dpi (internet standard).
:bulletred: Bad rendering, including lack of anti-aliasing, unless this is specifically intended as part of the work.
:bulletred: The fractal looks too elementary, i.e. could be an unaltered basic parameter file that comes with the fractal program.
:bulletred: The submitted work is not your own work.
:bulletred: The watermark is too obtrusive and spoils the appearance of the work.
:bulletred: The work is too similar to an original work created by someone else where you have used their parameter files. Originality is the key to success.
:bulletred: The colours used clash or jar the eye, and do not fall within the general aims of this group.
:bulletred: The work contains elements/objects/artwork that are copyright-restricted and should not have been used. This includes "Google Images" which are nearly always subject to copyright restrictions and are not for general use. Remember even your own work will show up on Google Images! Consider, do you want other people using your works in a similar way?

We as a group do not in any way, shape or form, support any illegal activities on the internet. Further, we operate a zero tolerance policy towards disruptive and disrespectful behaviour from anyone in the group, and anyone found wanting in this area will immediately be removed and blocked by the Administration.

If you are not sure about any of the above, please note the group with your questions and concerns.

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Random from Favourites

deviation in storage by heavymetalteacup
There are times when the Admins of this group would like to include in the group's galleries works from people who may have left dA, seldom visit dA, or who have sadly passed away yet their beautiful works have still been left in their old galleries.

There are also occasions when we see a beautiful work of art where the vibrancy of colours extend beyond those we normally accept in the main multi-chrome folder. Some of those may also be included in this folder.

This is an Administrator's prerogative only and not open to members.

If a member sees something that comes under these categories and would like to suggest it for this folder, please send a note to the group telling us about it. Thank you :)


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Shroomer83 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015
Thank you for the request! :)
Velvet--Glove Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015
You're very welcome! The muted colours of your piece fits in so well with the ethos of this group. Thanks for accepting the request! :thumbsup:
elminino Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015   General Artist
thanks for the feat!
Velvet--Glove Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
You're welcome, you made a cool image there and the colours were just right for our group! :thumbsup:
StottyK Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for your request to include my artwork it's much appreciated Dancehug 
Velvet--Glove Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015
You're welcome and it's our pleasure to include your work. The colouring is perfect for this group! :)
ekeller22 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for requesting my art for your gallery. I'm flattered.
Velvet--Glove Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015
You are most welcome and thanks for joining our group!

We like to feature works with muted colours (pale or desaturated colours) or ones that feature just one main colour (these can be more strongly coloured). Feel free to submit any suitable fractals you come up with to the group!

We hope you will enjoy your time as a member. :)
marijeberting Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015
Thanks for you're request, I'm honored
Velvet--Glove Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015
It's our pleasure to include your lovely work. :)

I see you've joined the group now - welcome! Do feel free to submit any works that have muted colours (pale or desaturated colours) or ones that feature just one main colour (these can be more strongly coloured). These are the images we are looking for in this group.

I hope you enjoy your time with us! :heart:
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